Ahoy! Information about the next steps I'll take with the website, what has been done lately and what's on the horizon. This list will be updated sometimes to let you know what's going on.

Has been done recently:

  • Moved to a different server for faster response times and better perfomance
  • Domain changed to themidnightsociety.org
  • SSL Encryption for a safe connection (Let's hope kayli can open the page now :P)

A List of features expected to be done soon:

  • Marketplace: Add, edit, delete and renew offers function. Listing with ordering, filter and search functions
  • Members: Listing, with ordering, filter and search functions
  • The Midnight Society: Crewpage, similar to the one ingame

General To-Do List:

  • Frontend User Administration: For Crewadmins to edit/promote/degrade or ban users. Also to delete offers on the marketplace if neccessary
  • Consistent table/listing design
  • Setup Websiteadmins
  • List of Guides/Offers from pirates in their profile page

 (Article is not finished yet)