Ahoy dear pirates.

Other than expected, we are close to publish the website themidnightsociety.org. I happen to have fun creating it. There are still a lot of empty pages to fill though. Especially the Guides Section. To have everybody informed I decided to write down the permission system this website will be working with. This is not the final version and will be updated sometimes.

7. Public:

  • Access to Home, Public News, Memeberlists, Guides, can read the Public Forum, see Marketplace offers and the pricelist

6. Registered:

  • Same as Public
  • Access to Registered Forum and can write topics
  • Appears in Memberlists
  • Can design their profile and write their PP story
  • Can be promoted

5. Authors:

  • Same as Registered
  • Access to Marketplace to place, edit, renew or delete offers
  • Can submit and edit their guides

4. Crewmember:

  • Same as Authors
  • Access to Crew Forum
  • Can read Crew Issues

3. Crewadmin:

  • Same as Crewmember
  • Access to Admin Forum
  • Can edit/ban user profiles
  • Can edit all pages (including User Guides)
  • Can promote/degrade Registered, Author, Crewmember
  • Can open a poll for promotion of a Crewmember to Crewadmin (Will be executed when at least half of the current Crewadmins voted yes)

2. Websiteadmin:

  • Same as Crewadmin
  • Access to backend website configuration

1. Superuser:

  • Access to everything (Note that passwords are encrypted and cannot be seen but changed)